Discovering the strengths of each Detroit Neighborhood

The Neighborhood Vitality Index is a community-driven framework, developed to be the data “engine” that drives collaborative, positive change, and is designed to:

Empower more neighborhoods through collective action, to achieve vitality citywide

Collect and provide access to informative qualitative and quantitative data

Provide a tool for tracking progress and success

Promote data driven planning and decision-making at all levels

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How the NVI works

The NVI is a tool to track progress and advocate for resources to make changes in Detroit’s neighborhoods. The index measures things Detroiters actually care about - including health, well-being, feelings of safety, and more - by including data from multiple sources, especially from Detroit residents.

Network of Neighborhood Vitality

Publicly sharing measures of neighborhood vitality is one thing, but making the data actionable is what our community truly needs. By identifying which NVI indicators are most important to which local actors, we can facilitate the creation of action tables where people from different sectors working on the same issues come together to make real changes for Detroiters.